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Kung Fu Styles We Teach

Shaolin Kung Fu
More than 1000 years old, Shaolin Fung Fu (少林功夫) is an ancient and deeply revered school of martial arts known for building strength and agility, promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and inspiring personal growth. Developed and evolved by Buddhist Monks, Shaolin Kung Fu is a self-defense fighting art exemplified by a wide variety of fist and weapons forms. Shaolin Kung Fu requires strength, power and technique, and inspires meditation, thoughtfulness, gentleness, joy and tranquility. 

We are proud to teach Shaolin Kung Fu in Hadley, MA at our school The Chinese Kung Fu Wushu Academy. At our school in Hadley, we teach the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu: Northern Fist (Pei Chuan) Southern Fist (Nan Chuan), Traditional Long Fist (Changuan), Drunken Style (Pa Hsien), Monkey Style (Hou Chuan), Mantis style (Tang Lang) and Tiger style (Hu Chuan). In addition, some also say that Tai Chi, also taught here at the academy in Hadley, is a style of Shaolin Kung Fu. Learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu and about our Kung Fu Program

Wah Lum Kung Fu
Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is combination of the 350 year old Wah Lum Praying Mantis style and a more contemporary family style called Tam Tui which was characterized by powerful leg movements. The result is a style of kung fu which is a highly effective system of self-defense exemplified by strong, fast, long movements, a variety of fist and weapons forms, with the hands often hooked like the pinchers of a praying mantis ready to strike. Learn more about our Kung Fu Program.

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu
Choy Li Fut (蔡李佛) is a combination of many Chinese martial arts styles (including Southern and Northern styles), and it also includes the five animals - Tiger, Dragon, Crane, Leopard, and Snake. Choy Li Fut is a powerful self-defense fighting art and contains a wide variety of techniques, including long and short range punches, kicks, sweeps and takedowns, pressure point attacks, joint locks, and grappling. It also uses many of the Traditional Kung Fu weapons. Although Choy Li Fut is rare outside of China, Choy Li Fut remains a very popular martial arts style in China today. Learn more about our Kung Fu Program.  

Contemporary Wushu
Wushu (武术) is a style of contemporary kung fu with origins in Shaolin Kung Fu that blends martial applications and performance. Wushu martial artists combine strength, power, speed, flexibility, and acrobatics with the goal of producing fierce, flawless, and a seemingly effortless execution of wushu fist and weapons forms. International momentum is building for Contemporary Wushu to become an official Olympic sport. Learn more about our Wushu Program

Tai Chi
Known as "meditation in motion" Tai Chi (太極拳) is a series of graceful movements directed with focused intention that promotes physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and inspires personal growth. Tai Chi in Chinese translates roughly as "grand ultimate fist," for its characteristically peaceful yet powerful fighting principles that inspire self-defense without aggression. Practicing Tai Chi reduces stress, enhances mood, and has a positive impact on balance, fitness, and flexibility for people of all ages and abilities, including those with many chronic health conditions. Learn more about our Tai Chi Program. 

Iron Body Qi Gong
An integral part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, Qi Gong (chi kung) (氣功) uses breathing techniques, meditation, and sometimes body conditioning, to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Qi (chi) is a Chinese term referring to all of the energy within and around us. Gong (kung) means the power to attain or affect something through practice. Loosely translated, Qi Gong means “the attainment of qi.” Iron Body is a style of Qi Gong that uses breathing, meditation and the deliberate conditioning and striking of various part of the body with the goal of developing and focusing qi in ways that allow a person to withstand an attack. Learn more about our Qi Gong Program. 
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